Global Miscellaneous Usage Statistics and Market Share

We are tracking usage statistics and market share of 58 web technologies in Miscellaneous. In November 2022 the most popular web technology in Miscellaneous is webpack with 23% market share. In second place there is Swiper Slider with 18% market share. After that there are Revslider with 18%, Babel with 11% and Gravatar with 11% market share. Top 5 web technologies together have 81% market share. The remaining 53 web technologies in Miscellaneous have a combined market share of 19%.

Miscellaneous Market Share in November 2022
About Miscellaneous

Web tools, libraries, Wordpress plugins, etc.

We are tracking 58 different technologies in Miscellaneous.

There are 14,439,517 websites using Miscellaneous in out database.

Miscellaneous Usage Statistics and Market Share in November 2022
Technologies in Miscellaneous
  • webpack webpack

    Webpack is an open-source JavaScript module bundler, primarily for JavaScript, but it can transform front-end assets like HTML, CSS, and images if the corresponding plugins are included. Webpack takes modules with dependencies and generates static assets representing those modules.

  • Swiper Slider Swiper Slider

    Swiper Slider is the a modern free mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions and native behavior. It is intended to be used in mobile websites, mobile web apps, and mobile native/hybrid apps.

  • Revslider Revslider

    Revslider is a slider plugin for Wordpress.

  • Babel Babel

    Babel is a free and open-source transcompiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

  • Gravatar Gravatar

    Gravatar is a service for providing globally unique avatars.

  • SWFObject SWFObject

    SWFObject is a free, open-source tool for embedding swf content in websites.

  • Popper Popper

    Popper is a positioning engine, its purpose is to calculate the position of an element to make it possible to position it near a given reference element.

  • Gravity Forms Gravity Forms

    Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin used for creating forms.

  • Amazon S3 Amazon S3

    Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service is a service offered by Amazon Web Services that provides object storage through a web service interface.

  • parcel parcel

    Parcel is a fast, zero configuration web application bundler similar to webpack.

  • Prism Prism

    Prism is an extensible syntax highlighter.

  • Google Code Prettify Google Code Prettify

    Google Code Prettify is an embeddable script that makes source-code snippets in HTML prettier.

  • ParkingCrew ParkingCrew

    ParkingCrew is a direct navigation monetisation provider.

  • Prefix-Free Prefix-Free

  • SyntaxHighlighter SyntaxHighlighter

  • K2 K2

  • CodeMirror CodeMirror

    CodeMirror is a JavaScript component that provides a code editor in the browser.

  • Less Less

  • Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Service Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Service

  • PDF.js PDF.js

  • Google Cloud Storage Google Cloud Storage

    Google Cloud Storage allows world-wide storage and retrieval of any amount of data at any time.

  • Livewire Livewire

  • Kakao Kakao

    Kakao platform provides various services such as Kakao Talk, Kakao Talk Channel, Kakao Story as well as Kakao Pay, Kakao Commerce, Kakao Page provided by the subsidiaries. Users can use all Kakao platform services with a united account called Kakao Account.

  • Permutive Permutive

    Permutive is a publisher-focused data management platform.

  • Sqreen Sqreen

  • Pygments Pygments

  • ResponsiveVoice ResponsiveVoice

    ResponsiveVoice is a Text-To-Speech API supported in 51 languages.

  • CrownPeak CrownPeak

    CrownPeak is a cloud-based Digital Experience Management (DEM) platform that is designed to in the management of digital experiences across multiple touch-points, especially for marketing and a freer IT architecture.

  • Admiral Admiral

    Admiral is a Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) platform.

  • Chevereto Chevereto

    Chevereto is an image hosting software that allows you to create a full-featured image hosting website on your own server.

  • ownCloud ownCloud

  • SobiPro SobiPro

  • SOBI 2 SOBI 2

  • HTTP/2 HTTP/2

    HTTP/2 (originally named HTTP/2.0) is a major revision of the HTTP network protocol used by the World Wide Web.

  • Loqate Loqate

    Loqate is an address verification solution.

  • WebAR WebAR

  • JobberBase JobberBase

    Jobberbase is an open-source job board platform that enables the creation of job sites.

  • Issuu Issuu

    Issuu is a digital discovery and publishing platform.

  • Route Route

    Route is a delivery and shipping tracking app

  • Websocket Websocket

  • Deliverr Deliverr

    Deliverr is a fulfilment service that facilitates shipping services for ecommerce businesses.

  • Zabbix Zabbix

  • AfterShip AfterShip

    AfterShip provides automated shipment tracking as a service.

  • Jive Jive

  • EPrints EPrints

  • Splunk Splunk

  • Tapcart Tapcart

    Tapcart is a mobile commerce SaaS platform that integrates directly with Shopify.


  • cgit cgit

    cgit is a web interface (cgi) for Git repositories, written in C. licensed under GPLv2.

  • ShoppingFeeder ShoppingFeeder

    ShoppingFeeder is a feed management solution for online retailers.

  • Cocos2d Cocos2d

    Cocos2d is a mature open source cross-platform game development framework.

  • NewStore NewStore

    NewStore is the only integrated platform offering omnichannel solutions for stores and consumers.

  • Webmin Webmin

    Webmin is a free, open-source application for Linux server administration.

  • Splunkd Splunkd

    Splunkd is the system process that handles indexing, searching, forwarding.

  • Airform Airform

    Airform is a functional HTML forms for front-end developers.

  • T1 Comercios T1 Comercios

    T1 Comercios is an integrator platform with marketplaces(,,

  • Acquia Content Hub Acquia Content Hub

    Acquia Content Hub is a cloud-based, centralized content distribution and syndication service.


Miscellaneous Market Share History in Last 12 Months
Technology January 2022February 2022March 2022April 2022May 2022June 2022July 2022August 2022September 2022October 2022November 2022
Swiper Slider14.07%14.25%14.41%14.52%14.64%14.82%15.70%16.38%16.69%17.81%18.37%
Gravity Forms2.86%2.88%2.90%2.90%2.91%2.90%2.91%2.87%2.85%2.79%2.76%
Amazon S31.08%1.09%1.10%1.10%1.11%1.11%1.14%1.18%1.18%1.18%1.19%
Google Code Prettify0.89%0.90%0.90%0.89%0.89%0.89%0.88%0.86%0.85%0.81%0.80%
Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Service0.19%0.19%0.19%0.19%0.19%0.19%0.19%0.18%0.18%0.17%0.16%
Google Cloud Storage0.04%0.04%0.04%0.04%0.06%0.06%0.07%0.08%0.08%0.09%0.09%
SOBI 20.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%
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