About Aguko

Aguko is a market research tool to explore technologies used on websites. With Aguko you can identify usage of 2,000+ web technologies on 70+ million websites. To start exploring, type a name of web technology, such as "wordpress" in search input field above. Or enter website name, such as "cnn.com" to find out which technologies are in use on their website. You can also type technology category, such as "web servers" to see market share of different web servers.

There are 88 categories:

JavaScript Libraries, Web Servers, Font Scripts, Programming Languages, Analytics, CMS, Reverse Proxy, WordPress plugins, Blogs, Databases, UI Frameworks, JavaScript Frameworks, CDN, Tag Managers, Miscellaneous, Operating Systems, Web Frameworks, SEO, Video Players, Issue Trackers, Ecommerce, Captchas, Cache Tools, Landing Page Builders, Widgets, PaaS, Advertising Networks, IaaS, Retargeting, Social logins, Web Server Extensions, Performance, RUM, Marketing Automation, JavaScript Graphics, Editors, Hosting Panels, Payment Processors, Hosting, Maps, Cookie compliance, A/B Testing, Email, Live Chat, Reviews, WordPress themes, Load Balancer, Photo Galleries, Mobile Frameworks, CRM, Rich Text Editors, Static Site Generator, Customer data platform, Browser fingerprinting, Shopify apps, Message Boards, Search Engines, Appointment scheduling, Personalisation, Comment Systems, Affiliate programs, Accessibility, Segmentation, Buy now pay later, Digital asset management, LMS, Translation, Dev Tools, Reservations & delivery, Wikis, User Onboarding, Loyalty & rewards, Recruitment & staffing, Documentation Tools, Document Management Systems, Feature management, Web Mail, Cryptominer, Surveys, Content curation, Referral marketing, Cross border ecommerce, Cart abandonment, Network Storage, Database Managers, Returns, Livestreaming, Shipping carriers.

All stats are updated weekly. We are adding new technologies and new websites all the time.