Global Static Site Generator Usage Statistics and Market Share

We are tracking usage statistics and market share of 15 web technologies in Static Site Generator. In October 2023 the most popular web technology in Static Site Generator is Nuxt.js with 39% market share. In second place there is Gatsby with 27% market share. After that there are Hugo with 18%, Jekyll with 3% and Hexo with 3% market share. Top 5 web technologies together have 89% market share. The remaining 10 web technologies in Static Site Generator have a combined market share of 11%.

Static Site Generator Market Share in October 2023
About Static Site Generator

A static site generator is a tool to auotomate the creation of a static HTML websites.

We are tracking 15 different technologies in Static Site Generator.

There are 263,585 websites using Static Site Generator in out database.

Static Site Generator Usage Statistics and Market Share in October 2023
Technologies in Static Site Generator
  • Nuxt.js Nuxt.js

    Nuxt is a Vue framework for developing modern web applications.

  • Gatsby Gatsby

    Gatsby is a React-based open-source framework with performance, scalability and security built-in.

  • Hugo Hugo

    Hugo is an open-source static site generator written in Go.

  • Jekyll Jekyll

    Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator for personal, project, or organization sites.

  • Hexo Hexo

    Hexo is a blog framework powered by Node.js.

  • Gridsome Gridsome

    Gridsome is a free and open-source Vue-powered static site generator for building static websites.

  • SitePad SitePad

    Build your professional website using easy to use editor and publish static web pages.

  • Docusaurus Docusaurus

    Docusaurus is a tool for teams to publish documentation websites.

  • Octopress Octopress

    Octopress is a static blogging framework.

  • Pelican Pelican

  • VuePress VuePress

    VuePress is a static site generator with a Vue-powered theming system, and a default theme for writing technical documentation.

  • Eleventy Eleventy

    Eleventy (11ty) a simpler static site generator.

  • Phenomic Phenomic

    Phenomic is a modular website compiler.

  • Saber Saber

    Saber is a framework for building static websites.

  • Cecil Cecil

    Cecil is a CLI application, powered by PHP, that merge plain text files (written in Markdown), images and Twig templates to generate a static website.

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