Global Personalisation Usage Statistics and Market Share - Adobe Target, Kibo Personalization, Nosto, Salesforce Interaction Studio, Dynamic Yield, Sailthru,, Retail Rocket...

We are tracking usage statistics and market share of 66 web technologies in Personalisation. In August 2022 the most popular web technology in Personalisation is Adobe Target with 54% market share. In second place there is Kibo Personalization with 6% market share. After that there are Nosto with 4%, Salesforce Interaction Studio with 3% and Dynamic Yield with 3% market share. Top 5 web technologies together have 70% market share. The remaining 61 web technologies in Personalisation have a combined market share of 30%.

Personalisation Market Share in August 2022
About Personalisation

We are tracking 66 different technologies in Personalisation.

There are 68,557 websites using Personalisation in out database.

Personalisation Usage Statistics and Market Share in August 2022
Technologies in Personalisation
  • Adobe Target Adobe Target

    Adobe Target is an A/B testing, multi-variate testing, personalisation, and optimisation application

  • Kibo Personalization Kibo Personalization

    Kibo Personalization is a omnichannel personalisation software powered by machine learning to deliver individualized customer experiences and powered by Monetate and Certona.

  • Nosto Nosto

    Nosto is an ecommerce platform providing product recommendations based on individual behavioral data.

  • Salesforce Interaction Studio Salesforce Interaction Studio

    Salesforce Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage) is a cloud-based software that allows users to collect, analyze, and respond to user behavior on their websites and web applications in real-time.

  • Dynamic Yield Dynamic Yield

    Dynamic Yield is a provider of automated conversion optimisation tools for marketers and retailers.

  • Sailthru Sailthru

    Sailthru is a marketing automation software and multi-channel personalisation tool that serves ecommerce and media brands.

  • is an all-in-one ecommerce personalisation platform.

  • Retail Rocket Retail Rocket

    Retail Rocket is a big data-based personalisation platform for ecommerce websites.

  • Movable Ink Movable Ink

    Movable Ink is a technology company that allows marketers to change emails after they have been sent out.

  • Oracle Maxymiser Oracle Maxymiser

    Oracle Maxymiser is a real-time behavioral targeting, in-session personalisation, and product recommendations platform.

  • Piano Piano

    Piano is a enterprise SaaS company which specializing in advanced media business processes and ecommerce optimisation.

  • Attentive Attentive

    Attentive is a personalised mobile messaging platform that helps retail & ecommerce brands acquire, retain, and interact with mobile shoppers.

  • Bold Commerce Bold Commerce

    Bold Commerce is a software company that specialises in ecommerce websites and app development.

  • Kiwi Sizing Kiwi Sizing

    Kiwi Sizing is a size chart and a recommender plugin on the Shopify platform.

  • HulkApps Infinite Product Options HulkApps Infinite Product Options

    HulkApps Infinite Product Options is a unlimited custom options for products. Display variant options as buttons, color and image swatches, and more.

  • Trbo Trbo

    Trbo is a personalisation, recommendations, A/B testing platform from Germany.

  • WebEngage WebEngage

    WebEngage is a customer data platform and marketing automation suite.

  • Raptor Raptor

    Raptor is a personalisation engine based on machine learning that analyses and learns about the user's behavior and unique browser history.

  • Yieldify Yieldify

    Yieldify is a customer journey optimisation platform that brings personalisation to the full customer journey.

  • Zoho PageSense Zoho PageSense

    Zoho PageSense is a conversion optimisation platform which combines the power of web analytics, A/B testing, and personalisation.

  • Cxense Cxense

    Cxense was an AI-powered data management and intelligent personalisation platform.

  • RichRelevance RichRelevance

    RichRelevance is a cloud-based omnichannel personalisation platform built to help Retailers, B2B, financial services, travel and hospitality, and branded manufacturers personalise their customer experiences.

  • Qubit Qubit

    Qubit is a SaaS based persuasive personalisation at scale services.

  • Demandbase Demandbase

    Demandbase is a targeting and personalization platform for business-to-business companies.

  • Coveo Coveo

    Coveo designs enterprise search and predictive insights platforms for businesses.

  • Findify Findify

    Findify is an intelligent ecommerce search, navigation and personalisation solution.

  • LimeSpot LimeSpot

    LimeSpot is an AI-powered personalisation platform for marketers and ecommerce professionals.

  • SaleCycle SaleCycle

    SaleCycle is a UK based global behavioral marketing firm.

  • RevLifter RevLifter

    RevLifter is an AI-powered coupon technology which allows brands to offer personalised incentives to their customers based on real-time basket data.

  • Blueknow Blueknow

    Blueknow is a ecommerce personalisation software designed to serve enterprises, SMEs.

  • Beyable Beyable

    Beyable is a suite of tools that analyze website traffic to understand visitors' behaviors in real-time, through multi-channel in order to optimise conversion rate.

  • Twik Twik

    Twik provides a automated, no-configuration business intelligence & personalization automation engine.

  • Actito Actito

    Actito is an agile SaaS marketing automation platform.

  • Apptus Apptus

    Apptus is an AI-powered ecommerce optimisation software provider.

  • Justuno Justuno

    Justuno is a visitor conversion optimization platform.

  • Personizely Personizely

    Personizely is a conversion marketing toolkit which helps websites and ecommerce stores better engage with visitors using website widgets and personalisation.

  • Acquia Personalization Acquia Personalization

    Acquia Personalization (formerly Acquia Lift) lets you track customers' behavior throughout your website.

  • PersonaClick PersonaClick

    PersonaClick is a provide personalisation, recommandation and multi channel services.

  • VerifyPass VerifyPass

    VerifyPass is a company which provide secure identity proofing, authentication, and group affiliation verification for teachers and students.

  • Connectif Connectif

    Connectif is a marketing automation and personalisation data-first action platform, powered by AI.

  • Rebuy Rebuy

    Rebuy offers personlisation solutions for ecommerce sites.

  • Wair Wair

    Wair is the widget to personalised fit.

  • 4-Tell 4-Tell

    4-Tell is an ecommerce software company for retailers with AI-powered personalisation and recommendations products.

  • Zakeke Zakeke

    Zakeke is a product customisation tool compatible with services and apps mostly used to manage ecommerce store.

  • Obviyo Obviyo

    Obviyo is an ecommerce intelligence platform helping merchants personalise and optimise shopping experience.

  • The Hotels Network The Hotels Network

    The Hotels Network provides a SaaS software that enhances hotelier websites with predictive marketing personalisation and user behavior analytics.

  • BrainSINS BrainSINS

    BrainSINS is a personalisation technology and ecommerce analytics services to online retailers.

  • Fit Analytics Fit Analytics

    Fit Analytics is a platform that provides clothing size recommendations for online customers by measuring individual dimensions via webcams.

  • Unbxd Unbxd

    Unbxd is an ecommerce product discovery platform that applies artificial intelligence and advanced data sciences to connect shoppers to the products they are most likely to buy.

  • Reflektion Reflektion

    Reflektion is a customer centric personalisation platform that optimizes customer experiences on an individual basis in real time.

  • Linx Impulse Linx Impulse

    Linx Impulse is a personalisation, media and retargeting solutions built by Linx.

  • SalesFire SalesFire

    SalesFire is a SaaS company specialising in conversion rate optimisation, intelligent personalisation and on-site search solutions.

  • Rokt Rokt

    Rokt is an ecommerce marketing technology that gives customers a personalised and relevant experience while buying online.

  • is an AI-powered experience management suite which combines the power of product, customer and business intelligence using computer vision and NLP.

  • Syte Syte

    Syte is a provider of visual AI technology that aims to improve retailers' site navigation, product discovery, and user experience by powering solutions that engage and convert shoppers.

  • BySide BySide

    BySide is a personalisation and marketing automation platform.

  • Attraqt Attraqt

    Attraqt provides AI-driven search, merchandising and personalisation solutions.

  • Visely Visely

    Visely is a Shopify app which personalise product recommendations for Shopify sites.

  • Loop54 Loop54

    Loop54 is a ecommerce search and navigation SaaS product.

  • Usizy Usizy

    Usizy is the top size recommendation and prediction solution for ecommerce using machine learning, big data, and isomoprhic algorythms.

  • Fanplayr Fanplayr

    Fanplayr is a real-time insights platform that provides website optimisation and personalisation solutions for businesses.

  • Prediggo Prediggo

    Prediggo is an ecommerce personalisation and marketing automation software provider.

  • Customily Customily

    Customily is an online product personalisation software.

  • Reelevant Reelevant

    Reelevant is a visual content platform that helps businesses to create on-demand content for their viewers in order to increase conversion rates.

  • Combeenation Combeenation

    Combeenation is a powerful cloud-based configurator platform.

  • Revieve Revieve

    Revieve is a technology company delivering consumer-centric personalised digital brand experiences powered by AI/AR.

Personalisation Market Share History in Last 12 Months
Technology September 2021October 2021November 2021December 2021January 2022February 2022March 2022April 2022May 2022June 2022
Kibo Personalization13.73%13.58%13.49%13.30%13.00%12.91%12.89%12.86%12.73%12.66%5.80%5.54%
Retail Rocket7.45%7.19%6.95%6.72%6.60%6.51%6.46%6.39%6.29%6.27%2.85%2.62%
Dynamic Yield7.44%7.36%7.21%7.29%7.41%7.40%7.44%7.41%7.40%7.39%3.41%3.32%
Movable Ink2.69%3.89%4.39%4.83%5.12%5.33%5.37%5.47%5.44%5.41%2.48%2.43%
Oracle Maxymiser2.62%3.48%4.12%4.61%5.00%5.06%4.73%4.52%4.46%4.42%2.04%1.97%
Salesforce Interaction Studio2.47%3.81%4.76%5.50%6.07%6.40%6.76%7.17%7.86%7.91%3.75%3.71%
Fit Analytics0.05%0.05%0.06%0.07%0.09%0.09%0.10%0.10%0.10%0.10%0.05%0.05%