.br websites Affiliate programs Usage Statistics and Market Share in Brazil (.br)

We are tracking usage statistics and market share of 12 web technologies in Affiliate programs in Brazil (.br). In June 2023 the most popular web technology in Affiliate programs in Brazil (.br) is Sovrn//Commerce with 57% market share. In second place there is Optimise with 25% market share. After that there are AWIN with 12%, Post Affiliate Pro with 2% and Admitad with 2% market share. Top 5 web technologies together have 98% market share. The remaining 7 web technologies in Affiliate programs have a combined market share of 2%. Global Affiliate programs market share report is available here.

Affiliate programs Market Share in Brazil (.br) in June 2023
About Affiliate programs

We are tracking 12 different technologies in Affiliate programs.

There are 1,243 websites using Affiliate programs in Brazil (.br websites) in out database.

Affiliate programs Usage Statistics and Market Share in Brazil (.br) in June 2023
Technologies in Affiliate programs in Brazil (.br)
  • Sovrn//Commerce Sovrn//Commerce

    Sovrn//Commerce is a content monetization tool for publishers.

  • Optimise Optimise

    Optimise Media Group is a UK-based performance advertising network.


    AWIN is a global affiliate marketing network.

  • Post Affiliate Pro Post Affiliate Pro

    Post Affiliate Pro is a software built for online stores and ecommerce websites that need to track and monitor their affiliate network.

  • Admitad Admitad

    Admitad is an affiliate network that acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers.

  • Impact Impact

    Impact helps businesses contract and pay partners.

  • Skimlinks Skimlinks

    Skimlinks is a content monetization platform for online publishers.

  • Rewardful Rewardful

    Rewardful is a way for SaaS companies to setup affiliate and referral programs with Stripe.

  • Tiqets Tiqets

    Tiqets provides a complete overview of a city - museums, attractions, zoos, canal cruises, concerts. Publishers joined to the Tiqets affiliate program can receive 6% commission during our 30-day cookie window from completed total bookings resulting from featuring links to Tiqets products and content across their brand: blog/website, social media, newsletters, etc.

  • Webgains Webgains

    Webgains is an affiliate marketing network.

  • Clickbank Clickbank

  • GoAffPro GoAffPro

    Goaffpro is an affiliate marketing solution for ecommerce stores.

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